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Fitness Testing

During the second and third quarters, students in PE have been participating in the President’s Challenge Fitness Testing Program in addition to participating in volleyball and either basketball or hockey, depending on their choice. There are five fitness tests. Tests administered thus far include curl-ups, right-angle push-ups, shuttle run, and sit & reach. Students are not graded on their performance as compared to their peers, but are graded on their effort and progress on these tests. Students who excel are recognized later in the year with a fitness award certificate. Those who score in the 50th% or above in all five tests will earn an Honors Award and those who score in the 85th% or above in all five tests will earn a High Honors Award.

Starting in the last week of April, all students in grades 5-8 will be participating in the final fitness testing event, the mile run/walk. This test will be administered outside. Our time in PE is limited and, as a result, students have been strongly encouraged to do some running outside of school to get ready for this event. Students will get one practice run for the mile and one test run. Students ARE allowed to walk during this event if they need to, but are encouraged to give their own personal best effort. We emphasize pacing and breathing throughout the run/walk. Students ARE allowed to bring water bottles and, if they don’t have a water bottle, ARE allowed to get drinks before we start the run and can go inside and get drinks after they have completed the test. We do recognize that some of our students have asthma and/or allergies and should see the school nurse prior to running. Students with these conditions are encouraged to advocate for themselves and do what they need to do to take care of their bodies. Finally, sunscreen is encouraged. If used in school, it can not be a spray or aerosol. Hats are also allowed. Check out the informational links we’ve provided below regarding proper hydration, sun safety, and tips for running the mile. There is also a link to the President's Challenge website.




Team Challenge Pictures 2015-2016- Click on this link. 


During the month of May for two 6-day cycles, students in all grades will be participating in TEAM challenges. With these team-building activities, students can be active, make cognitive connections and address the national standards all at the same time.

Team building addresses all 6 of the NASPE Standards:

1.  It encourages further refinement of motor skills and the development of social and personal responsibility.

2.  It helps students see physical activity as enjoyable, challenging and socially stimulating.

3.  It develops an understanding so students respect differences among their classmates.

4.  It incorporates lessons that compliment cross curriculum goals.

5.  It helps students to apply their experiences; connecting cognitively to their physical education challenges so that they can connect the benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

6.  It develops a program that brings a variety of stimulating activities that encourage all students to participate regularly in physical education classes and physical activity.

Please ask your child/children about these challenges:  Snake Pit, Snowman Demolition, Cliffhanger, Graveyard Crossing, Quicksand, Iceberg, Ice Sculpture, Giant Snowball, and Pipeline. The purpose of each of these activities is to help students develop team cooperation, trust, communication skills, and problem solving skills. Throughout the activities, the students will be enhancing their personal development and be challenged as individuals to face their own perceived limitations. Teamwork is developed by working, playing and accomplishing goals together.

These challenges also address our 5 RESPECT guidelines of Be Here, Be Safe, Be Honest, Set Goals and Let Go & Move On. Students are graded throughout the school year based on these guidelines which are part of the Project Adventure curriculum. Please use this link for more information about PA:

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