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Physical Education Contract/Grades 5-8

Rules/Requirements:  Students will...


•   sign the appropriate grade level Respect Guidelines poster in the gymnasium. These guidelines are specifically addressed and agreed upon by the PE teachers and class.

•   change clothes to participate during class. A change of clothes is defined as a different top (T-shirt, sweatshirt) and bottom (shorts, sweatpants) than what was worn to school and a pair of secured sneakers. Please use common sense when choosing clothes for PE. No tank tops, midriffs, "short" shorts, or clothes that contain inappropriate language/graphics. (Subject to change due to covid, but sneakers will still be required)

•   receive a maximum of 5 minutes to change at the beginning and end of each class

•   remove and secure any and all jewelry (post earrings okay)/valuables before participating in PE class. Jewelry and valuables should not be brought to class if the student is unable to secure his/her own possessions.

•   be encouraged to use appropriate toiletries; however, aerosol sprays and glass bottles are not allowed in the locker rooms.

•   bring in medical documentation/note from parent for "excused absence" from PE class. Parent notes should not exceed two consecutive days without a doctor's note.

•   follow the school/class rule and safety advice regarding no gum, candy, food, or drinks in the gymnasium or locker rooms.

•   walk/jog in a counter-clockwise direction upon entering the gymnasium until directed to report to their attendance/exercise spots/lines.

•   NOT touch any equipment in the closets or set-up in the gymnasium unless instructed to do so by a teacher. This includes the basketball nets and rims.

•   participate in PE class with regard to both physical and emotional safety for themselves as well as their peers.

•   be expected to follow the aforementioned rules/requirements. Consequences for breaking rules are as follows:

o     First Offense – lose 1 point and receive warning

o     Second Offense – lose 2 points

o     Third Offense - lose 3 points, parent/guardian notified

o     Fourth and Subsequent Offenses – lose 4-5 points, detention and or student referred to office, and parent/guardian notified

•   start with a "clean slate" at the beginning of each quarter


Respect Guidelines:  Students expect that they will follow the Respect Guidelines agreed upon by the teachers and class. They are as follows:

BE HERE       BE SAFE         BE HONEST            SET GOALS       LET GO & MOVE ON


Grading Policy:

•   Students will earn a maximum of 5 points per PE class based on the 5 Respect Guidelines agreed upon by the class. Each guideline is worth 1 point per class.

•   The rules/requirements stated above are inherently part of the Respect Guidelines.

•   Breaking a guideline/rule/requirement will result in the loss of 1 point per guideline/rule/requirement for that class.

•   Unexcused non-participation or no sneakers will result in 0 points for the class.